The Pinetree School

The Pinetree School


Since February 2019, the Local Board of Governance at Pinetree School has been replaced with a School Improvement Board (SIB) consisting of the Trustees, the CEO, the Director of School Improvement and the respective Heads of School.

School Improvement Board

Glyn Hambling (SIB Chair, CEO & Accounting Officer),  James Rice (Assistant Headteacher), Andy Mason (Director of Education), Katrina Warren (Director of Specialist Provision) and Rachel Thornberry (Principal of Specialist Provision). In addition to this, we welcome Alan Jones and Gavin Redwood as Trustees.


Scheme of DelegationFunding Agreement Governor Declarations and Attendance Unity Education Trust- Trustees Report and Financial Statements
UET Scheme Of Delegation Feb 2020 FinalPinetree Funding AgreementGovernor Attendance 2019 2010591822-Unity-Education-Trust-1819-FinStat-1
Articles Of AssociationUET Master Funding AgreementSIB DEX 2020 2110591822 Unity Education Trust 1920 FinStat